kynn (kynn) wrote,

Does linkspam need a new tagline?

Currently, the [info - community] linkspam community on Dreamwidth has this for a tagline:

Anti-Oppression Linkspam Community

But the [info - community] linkspam moderator actually sides with, as [info - personal] stoneself put it, "the people with straight privilege".

There are few people who are willing to do the work necessary to create the kinds of posts found on [info - community] linkspam, so it's probably not practical to replace [info - personal] elf / elfwreck (not that I think she'd actually step down).

But perhaps the tagline should be changed, if the purpose here is not actually to fight oppression (e.g. against LGBT authors) but to protect privilege (by straight, cis authors)?

I don't think anyone would want W*ll Sh*tt*rly or Kathryn Cramer moderating a roundup of links related to RaceFail and posting those on the [info - community] linkspam community. Nobody on "our side" -- i.e., people opposed to oppression, who understand how privileges are used against people who lack them -- would put up with someone from "Sh*tt*rly's" side organizing the links.

So maybe, perhaps, [info - community] linkspam should no longer claim to be an "Anti-Oppression Linkspam Community" and maybe become, I don't know, a "Pro-Fandom, Privilege Protection Community"?

Update: [info - personal] elf doesn't like my suggestion, pretends like I asked her to quit, and threatens to delete all the Lambda awards posts on the community and flounce off. I guess she doesn't want to change the tagline?
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