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harlan apologizes to tempest...sorta [Jul. 24th, 2009|09:40 pm]
K. Tempest Bradford reposts Harlan Ellison's "open letter" to her:

- Friday, July 24 2009 16:35:36 OPEN LETTER TO MS. KAY TEMPEST BRADFORD

Dear Ms. Bradford:

You have a number of good friends who also happen to be good friends of mine. They have rallied on your behalf, to contact me by phone (four today alone), to tan my bottom in regards to my, well, at best, at very minimally best, my “snarky” response to what I perceived to be yet another Total Stranger Meanspirited Internet Troll Assault. I fear there is still a tot too much “street” in me to let such perceived calumny go unanswered.

Apparently, I received inadequate information, some of which I interpreted incorrectly, some of which was simply wrong.

One of the heartrending epiphanies of the current Paradigm Shift is that the most adolescently ignorant demographic of this far-from-perfect society needs to (as my President said today) “ratchet down the noise-level.” The moment one such as I goes for the okeydoke and begins to believe this “geezer” bullshit, is the moment one realizes that we like in a Momentary-Celebrity Culture, and for everyone claiming sexism, racism, elitism, et al … there are 10,000 arrogant little twits, semi-literate, semi-humanoid, and less-than-semi-courteous, who truly believe that to have SURVIVED and STILL BE PULLING THE PLOW, is to grant them power over you. Depression and anger and suicide follow therefrom.

I am 75. I’m old, I ain’t senile.

I still work, I still publish, I still have very cool thoughts and do very cool deeds, every day. I’m not quite ready yet to let monkeybrain bloggers who need Google to know who Colette or Guy de Maupassant are, predicate my existence.

Mmm. I’ve drifted. Your friends tell me to back off and not attempt to exact the demonic vigerish that is my wont. Several people known and unknown to me personally advise me that you are rather a cranky soul yourself, so you shouldn’t be TOO ‘tude about my responding in kind.

That it turns out you’re not as deserving of my bestial attentions as others I’ve used as objects of scaphism, warms my li’l ole heart, and if any part of my reply to your various blogs here’n'there was over the line, consider this a gentlemanly apologia. I know this message will get to you, via one or another conduit, so here’s my IfYouTalkTheTalk you’d better be ready to WalkTheWalk: I have no idea where you live, but if you are anywhere near where I am, please name the time and the day, and my wife, Susan, and I would be condign taking you for an excellent meal at one of the great joints I frequent.

THEN–and ONLY then–you’ll be able to make your own informed judgment about me. And you won’t have to poison yourself with the fanboy/fangirl gossip that substitutes for ratiocination on this electronic asswipe of a medium.

You know where to find me.

Respectfully, Harlan Ellison

Harlan: Still an asshole, sorry. There's no excuse for what he said before, even if he wants to apologize, even if Tempest accepts his apology.

We know who you are, Harlan. We know the "real" you who feels justified in spouting racist and sexist bullshit. We know that you dropped the N-word at Tempest and that if you felt it was "justified" you would have stood by that.

This isn't about "fanboy/fangirl" gossip, Harlan. This is about your own words, your buying into gossip, and your writing really offensive, racist bullshit about someone you never met.

As yeloson put it, his "apology" and offer of dinner basically says:

“Other people have spoken on your behalf because their words matter and I didn’t bother to read yours. You should totally understand my use of genocidal slurs at you because I imagined you said something bad about me. People say a lot of stuff on the internet so I don’t listen to anyone. I’m really awesome. You can come by for dinner and be my New Black Friend (TM) that proves it’s all ok even after I used demeaning words at you.”

Update: Forgot to include this originally:


[User Picture]From: lokilokust
2009-07-25 12:45 pm (UTC)
what a fucking shithead.
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[User Picture]From: jenlight
2009-07-25 03:22 pm (UTC)
That is a lot of words and no actual apology.
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[User Picture]From: icecreamempress
2009-07-25 03:49 pm (UTC)
Asshole's fauxpology is assholish and faux.
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[User Picture]From: goblinpaladin
2009-07-26 12:47 am (UTC)
OT, but I dunno if you'd heard about this yet.
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